Get the Facts

As of 2012, supporters of “Right-To-Work” have begun referring to the law as a “Workplace Freedom” or “Workplace Fairness” act. No matter how nice they can try and make the title of the law sound, whether it’s called “Right-To-Work” or “Workplace Freedom”, we know what the real intent and purpose of the law is. 

We’ve compiled facts and real statistical reports done on “Right-To-Work” to give you an accurate picture of its effects on workers’ wages and conditions. Here’s a snapshot:

Quick Facts

Why does this happen? Because “Right-To-Work” destroys unions and the working standards that unions establish. Look at the broader political and historical facts:

  • The first states to pass “Right-To-Work” were all states in the deep southern region of the US in the 1940’s. Its intent was, and still is, to dismantle unions. More

  • States with the lowest union membership are all Right-To-Work states More

  • 16 of 18 states with no state prevailing wage laws are Right-To-Work states

  • Many highway construction jobs pay less than $15/hr. in Right-To-Work states. More

  • Right-to-work is now sweeping across the midwestern region of the US. Right-To-Work legislation was forced through in Indiana and Michigan in 2012. More

Famous quotes about Right-To-Work

“You will find people saying that they are for the so-called “right to work” law, but they also believe in unions. This is absurd. It’s like saying you are for motherhood but against children.” – President Truman, 1947

“We must guard against being fooled by false slogans like “right-to-work”. It provides no rights and no work. Its purpose is to destroy labor unions.” – Martin Luther King Jr., 1963

“Right to work laws are a welcome mat for companies who care most about low-wage, unskilled labor and who are committed to a region only until they are able to relocate to someplace where the laws protecting workers are even weaker.” - Professor Ann Markusen, University of Minnesota

“Right-to-Work laws are a virtual conspiracy of the crafty. ‘Right-to-Work’ laws do not create jobs; they only victimize the worker and make his organization ineffective.” - Reverend Dr. Walter George Muelder, dean of Boston University School of Theology

Academic Research on Right-To-Work