Fight Back

“Right-To-Work” laws and anti-union politicians are attacking your quality of life. How will you fight back? How will you make your voice heard?

Get Educated

The LEAP Course is specifically designed to help members understand exactly what “Right-To-Work” means and what it will do. Hundreds of members across Ohio are being educated by the LEAP Course.

Some topics covered in the LEAP Course include “Right-To-Work”, prevailing wages, and union history. Ask your business manager about the LEAP Course to see if one is scheduled around you.

Your Voice Online

Here’s some links to get you started. Share them on your social media pages and get the word out about unions and about how bad “Right-to-work” really is!

The Internet and social media are some of the most powerful tools today. Do you have a Facebook or Twitter? Do you ever post things about being a union member and what unions have done for this country? You don’t have to argue with anyone, just get your message across.

Maybe you listen to podcasts, read news articles or blogs, browse Instagram, Tumblr, Youtube, Reddit, Pinterest, BuzzFeed,, etc. You can find links about unions and “Right-To-Work” all over these websites that you can then post on your Facebook or Twitter page. The more you post, the more people see it across Ohio – it’s simple!

Your Voice At Work

Union hardhat stickers help show your union pride at work, but your word is even stronger. Surprisingly, far too many people on your jobsites actually think “Right-to-Work” is good for them. We have to be educated and confident enough to make sure our fellow workers know how devastating “Right-to-Work” will be for Ohioans as it has been across the nation.

To check out quick facts and academic reports on our Get the Facts page. There is NO EXCUSE for a Laborer to not know the facts about “Right-To-Work”.

Your Voice In Your Community

It’s easy to think about work and union-related topics on the job, but what about when we are off the job? Doesn’t your union job affect your ability to be a part of your community? Your ability to pay your bills? Your ability to support your family? Does your community see that? Maybe it’s at church, or maybe at a local high school game – either way, you can show you are union in public.

Maybe its as simple as wearing a Laborers’ logo on a shirt or cap. Maybe it’s finding volunteer opportunities and representing the Laborers there. Union members are community members – never apologize for being a union member.